Wheel House is dedicated to bringing members fun fitness possibilities through a combination of yoga, core strength/TRX, and indoor cycling classes. We provide unforgettable experiences for people who want something more than just one type of workout and we understand health and fitness is more than physical, but mental and emotional as well. We work with every person that comes into our studio to help find solutions and paths to achieve their ultimate wellness goals.



Wheel House offers an immaculate spacious studio, expert instructors, great music, and fun- yet challenging workouts.

Each space is carefully and specifically tailored to each discipline Wheel House offers. Our Yoga Studio is pre-set with mats and equipment in a calming quiet corner of Embarcadero One to not only tone your muscles but calm your mind.


The Core Strength & TRX Studio is fitted with top of the line Flexline Technology which makes Wheel House Core Strength and HIIT workouts feel easy and seamless. Never have to pick up a weight with our Flexline bluetooth technology and only focus on your form rather than juggling weights.

The mood is set in our Cycling Studio! Each class is darkly lit with popping fun bright colors and carefully crafted playlists guaranteed to have you jumping out of the saddle. And no one can blame you- because we know our playlists are just that good you can’t contain yourself.


San Francisco’s first and only group fitness studio offering indoor cycling, Yoga, TRX and Flexline strength training.

Our Indoor Cycling Studio holds a total of 50 Schwinn bikes that track the power you generate, the miles you ride, and the calories you burn!

Flexline Technology is equipped in our Core Strength Studio for an easier set up during your workout. Gone are the times you have to add or take off weights to the end of your bars- no more switching out dumbbells or trying to find matching weight pairs. With Flexline Technology you control the weight and resistance of your workout with a simple push of a button.

Mats, blocks, and more are always within a warrior’s pose reach away in our Yoga Studio.  At Wheel House you never have to worry about bringing your own mats or towels. Everything is provided for you, because the only time you need to sweat is when you’re working out.


Wheel House started off as a Possibility- and now it’s a Reality.

Founder, Carl Morley is a veteran to San Francisco’s fitness scene, he has built up a reputation for fun, energetic, and challenging classes.

Classes are selected and crafted by Carl Morley and his passionate team of fitness experts, who are pushing to be pioneers within the fitness industry. We are re-inventing the indoor cycling, core strength work and yoga experience through camaraderie, technology, music and, most importantly, fun.