Most Common

Do you offer corporate discounts?

Yes, we do! If there are 6 or more people from your company who workout at Wheel House, send us a list using your company email and we will create a group. If anyone wants to add in later, they can email us from the company email, or drop by with their company ID, and we’ll add them in! Email us here.

What’s the difference between passes and classes?

Wheel House uses a “pass” system for it’s classes. Members purchase packages of passes and use them to enroll in the classes. Any class that has “Express” in the title is one pass, all other classes — those that are 45 minutes or longer — are two passes.

What's an "Express" class?

An Express class is any class that is 30 minutes long. They are the shortest classes we offer, are found on our morning and lunchtime schedules, and take 1 pass for enrollment.

Do I have to use cycling shoes?

Nope, Wheel House does not require riders to use cycling shoes. The exception: If you want to sit in the front row you’ll need cycling shoes.

Here’s how it works:

All the Wheel House bikes have SPD and Look Delta compatible clips, so you can use your own cycling shoes or rent them from us for $3.00. However, all the bikes in the second and third row also have toe baskets that allow you to ride using your tennis shoes. So whatever your preference, we’re ready for you!

How much is your membership fee?

ZERO! There is no cost to sign up, and no recurring membership fee.

Do you have New Client Specials?

We have three new client specials and you can use each of them one time — so you have three opportunities to save!

Purchase a 2 pass series for $18. That’s a savings of $10 off the regular price and can be used for any NON-Express class.
Buy 6 passes for $50. This deeply discounted package gives you a chance to sample a variety of classes, both Express and Non-Express.
Ready to really jump in? Then the 30 day Pass for $109 is for you! This pass is good for 1 class per day for 30 consectutive days so you can really see what Wheel House is all about!

Can my group or company book a private event?

Absolutely! Just drop us an email at with the details and we will help you coordinate a fantastic event!

Do you have parking?

Yep, we have a great parking option — we validate! Park in any of the Embarcadero Center parking garages, bring in your ticket and we can validate it for you. Length of validation and rates vary depending on the time of day or day of the week. Check out the Embarcadero Center parking page here for the current info.

Do you have wifi?

Absolutely! We have high speed internet wireless access for our guests to use.

When do my passes expire?

NEVER! That’s the beauty of our passes — not only can you find a package to fit your budget, the passes give you plenty of flexibility no matter how busy you get.

The exception to this are passes associated with contracts that automatically reload passes into your account (2 and 6 month auto-renew contracts, and the Gold/Silver/Bronze packages). Those passes do not roll forward, and must be used within 30 days.

Where in Embarcadero Center are you located?

We are in Embarcadero One, at the corner of Battery and Sacramento, on the lobby level. That means we are one level up from the street. Just hop on the escalator or run up the stairs, then look for brightly colored windows. That’s us!

What is your return policy on items purchased at the studio?

If you are not satisfied with an item you may obtain a refund providing the following conditions are met:

Items must be returned within 30 days of purchase, unwashed and unworn with tags still on.
Items must be returned to the studio in person or mailed to our mailing address.

If you purchased your item under your Whee House account, a staff member can easily look it up in your purchase history!

If you do not have a Wheel House account and purchased it in person as a guest, you must have the full receipt present when making your return.

Was this item a gift? You can still return! We just need the full receipt to issue the return.
Upon return, you will receive a store credit on your account that can be used for anything at Wheel House (classes, retail, etc.).
Our store credit can only be accessed at our studios, so always let a member of the Wheel House team know to pull from your credit whenever you want to make a purchase, or ask our staff if you have any questions about how much store credit is remaining.

Questions? Reach out to

Getting Started

How early should I arrive?

We recommend that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of your class so you can get changed and settled in without being rushed. This will also allow plenty of time for our staff to help you get you introduced to the equipment — whether that means bike set up or learning which buttons to push on the flexline handles.

How do I know what kind of class I’m signing up for?

Any class with Rhythm, Metrix, or Ride in the title is a cycling class.

Any class with Flex, TRX or ABsolution in the title is a strength class.

Everything else? Yoga!

What should I bring?

Just like the best resorts, Wheel House is all-inclusive! If you need it, we provide it — from digital lockers, amenities in the locker rooms, a snack table in the lobby and workout towels for your class! If you take yoga classes, we even provide the mats and all the props. All of this is included in the cost of your class.

Do you have locker rooms?

We have awesome locker rooms! Our locker rooms are equipped with digital lockers, showers with Malin+Goetz products. We also provide towels and many other amenities you might need.

Did you say showers!?!?!?

Yep, we have showers – and everything you need to use them!

It’s my first class and I’m pretty nervous. How can you help with that?

We pride ourselves on having a welcoming and knowledgeable staff that can help with your questions and get you oriented to the studio. Don’t be nervous, and don’t be afraid to ask if you have any questions — we love helping new people learn about our studio and our classes!


What so unique about Wheel House?

Wheel House provides you with multiple options to work out you entire body — indoor cycling, yoga, TRX, Core Strength classes featuring FlexLine.. We offer classes at all times of the day and evening, and have a variety of class lengths (from 30 to 75 minutes) to accommodate everyone’s schedule. We stay up-to-date on current trends and technology in fitness, and have instructors with wide-ranging backgrounds to ensure our classes are always cutting edge and challenging, regardless of your fitness level.

Do you have child care?

At this time, we do not offer child care.

How long before I see results?

You will see results whether you do a class with us once or twice a week, but for the maximum effect we strongly recommend coming in three times per week. For best results, couple your fitness regimen with a well-balanced diet and remember to hydrate!!!

Are Wheel House classes safe?

All of our classes are designed with your safety and comfort in mind. We follow all the best practices in fitness and our staff and instructors are trained to do the same. We always recommend that you consult with your doctor before embarking on any exercise program, especially if you have any injuries or other medical conditions that could be effected by high-intensity cardio or high-impact movements. If you have any limitations, or are recovering from an injury or illness, please make sure to alert your instructor so they can help you find any necessary modifications to accommodate your needs.

I’m pregnant. Can I still work out at Wheel House?

It is always best to check with your doctor before working out when you are pregnant to ensure you don’t engage in any activity that might injure you or your future WH Rockstar. Our instructors have all been trained to modify workouts to make our classes safe for soon-to-be moms — just let them know that you are pregnant and any limitations you may have, and they are ready to help you out!

Indoor Cycling

What are the height/weight requirements for your bikes?

We use A.C. Performance Plus with Carbon Blue bikes by Schwinn. These bikes can accommodate riders 4′ 10″ (147.3 cm) to 6′ 10″ (208.3cm) with a maximum recommended weight capacity of 350 lbs (158.8 kg).

Can indoor cycling help me if I have an injury from another sport?

Your doctor is the best person to answer this question, but here is what we know:

Indoor cycling provides little to no impact on your joints, especially if you ride in the saddle. As a result, it can be an excellent alternative for those who are rehabbing but want to keep working out, and get a cardio workout, without putting excessive strain on their limbs and back.

Remember, even if the doctor says it’s ok, make sure to let the instructor know if you have any injuries so they can help you modify the workout to fit your needs and ALWAYS listen to your body. In cycling classes, staff and instructors can also help you make adjustments to your bike setting that can make the ride safer and more comfortable based on your needs.

How do I register for a bike?

It’s easy — when you sign up for a cycling class, you pick the bike you would like and it’s yours! If you are coming with others and want to sit together, drop us an email, or come in a couple of minutes early and we will do what we can to seat you together.

Will my butt ever stop hurting?

Yes, it will! (Eventually!)

For new riders the hardest part of indoor cycling is . . . the seat. It will take a few classes to get beyond the discomfort. Padded shorts and padded seat covers can help with the adjustment, but also just postpone the inevitable if you ever stop using them. (Sorry!) The quickest way to get over being saddle sore is to take classes. First, your butt will get used to it. Second, as your legs and core become stronger, they will help take the weight off the saddle when you ride, so your butt won’t have to do all the work alone!

Will indoor cycling improve my running?

Runners often tell us how happy they are for having added indoor cycling to their training routine. They report that indoor cycling balances out their leg muscles by putting emphasis on muscle groups not normally used in running. Plus, they find that indoor cycling provides a nice, low impact alternative to running on days they want to work out, but want to give their joints a rest.

What’s so special about indoor cycling?

The energy! Indoor cycling classes at Wheel House are known for their high energy, and there is nothing like sitting in a room with 50 people all pedaling and moving in sync with each other! Our instructors are known for their music and choreography, which make our classes a great party on the bike! Add in the lights and the high kicks (Carl!) and there is no better place for Indoor Cycling than Wheel House!

How fit do I have to be to take a Wheel House class?

Our classes are designed for people of all fitness levels. Whether you are a first timer or a hard core athlete, our instructors know how to modify the workout to fit the needs of everyone in the room.

At Wheel House, indoor cycling, we give you lots of control over your indoor cycling workout. The instructor will guide you through the class, but we let you decide the right resistance level for you, and how much movement you are comfortable with. During class, the instructors will keep an eye on you to make sure you are safe and, when appropriate, give you some tips to help you along the way!

Will an indoor cycling class bulk up my legs?

Not really. Any type of workout will build muscle, so you might see some changes to your legs and booty. During climbs, you will work with an increased resistance, which strengthen and sculpt your legs over time. However, climbs only last a few minutes, which really isn’t enough time to add extra bulk.

What is the purpose of cycling shoes? Is there a certain type I should get?

Cycling shoes help keep your foot in a more secure position. This makes for a more efficient ride because pedal strokes become more powerful. The firm bottom of a cycling shoe also takes pressure off the ball of your foot when riding out of the saddle, creating a more comfortable ride.

When picking a cycling shoe, personal preference dictates which one to get. The bikes at Wheel House can accommodate both SPD and Look Delta clips.

How many calories are burned per Indoor cycling class?

This all depends on the weight of the individual and the amount of exertion used. Research indicates that on average, indoor cyclists burn from 400-550 calories in a 45 minutes workout (you can burn up to 800). The number of calories you’ll burn depends on a number of factors, including your weight and the intensity at which you exercise. The “distance” traveled depends on cadence; however as an estimate, an average 45-minute class at a cadence of 80-110 rpm is equivalent to approximately 20-30 miles on the road.

I’m new to indoor cycling. What is going on in there?

Indoor cycling is great for any fitness level — and our classes are designed just for that. At Wheel House, you control the resistance level so when the instructor wants you to climb a mountain, each individual rider can determine what that means for them. As you take more classes, and you become stronger and more confident, your speed and the amount of resistance required to get a great workout will increase.

We recommend that newbies arrive at least 15 minutes early so there is time to settle in and have the staff help you get set up on your bike to ensure your ride is comfortable and safe.

Wheel House has a unique style of rhythmic riding — we ride to the beat of the music and incorporate upper body movement to help build your core (a critical component to becoming a strong rider). Don’t be afraid to join in — and don’t worry if you don’t quite get it right the first time. It’s a new experience to most people when they first join us, but after one or two classes you’ll catch on. Work at your own pace, join in the fun as you can, challenge yourself but listen to your body, and have a fantastic ride!

Do I need special clothes for the cycling class?

Nope – no special clothes required! If you want to wear your favorite cycling shorts, please do. We find, however, that the best clothes for a cycling class are comfortable workout clothes. It is a good idea to avoid loose fitting long pants that can get caught in the pedals. Otherwise, you can create your own cycling look!

Yoga and Core

What’s Flexline and why haven’t I seen it before?

Flexline is a state of the art workout station that takes the “cable” system of strength training to a completely new level.

Instead of traditional weights, Flexline has bluetooth technology in the handles so you can add and subtract resistance with the push of a button! Carriages on the side of each unit slide up and down, so you can get a full body workout without having to move to a different machine. And with the the use of belts, cuffs and a weighted bar, the instructors can be as creative as they want in developing exercises for you!

As for why you probably haven’t hear of Flexline before now — well, that’s easy! Wheel House is the only studio in Northern California to offer Flexline classes. (Not to brag, but we are also the largest Flexline studio in the country!)


I have a monthly membership package. Can I freeze this when I travel for work or pleasure?

You sure can! Drop us an email at, or stop by the studio. Let us know the dates you will be gone and we’ll do the rest!

I have to move, so I can’t come to Wheel House (my favorite studio!) anymore. What happens with my passes or contract?

First of all, we’d be very sad to see you leave! If you do have a big life relocation, you can either transfer or share the passes with a friend. Or, since they don’t expire, you can hang on to them to use when you visit us again! If you have a contract, we will work with you to find the best possible solution to bring the contract to an end. In either situation, send us an email at and we can work on this with you.

If I buy a package of passes or a membership contract, can it be set to start in the future?

Absolutely! Once you make the purchase, just send an email to and we’ll get it set for you.