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An immaculate spacious studio, equipped with state of the art equipment designed to create the perfect ambiance and balance with the style of class and the environment.

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What’s Flexline and why haven’t I seen it before?

Flexline is a state of the art workout station that takes the “cable” system of strength training to a completely new level.

Instead of traditional weights, Flexline has bluetooth technology in the handles so you can add and subtract resistance with the push of a button!  Carriages on the side of each unit slide up and down, so you can get a full body workout without having to move to a different machine. And with the the use of belts, cuffs and a weighted bar, the instructors can be as creative as they want in developing exercises for you!

As for why you probably haven’t hear of Flexline before now -- well, that’s easy!  Wheel House is the only studio in Northern California to offer Flexline classes. (Not to brag, but we are also the largest Flexline studio in the country!)


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