Small Changes for an Active Lifestyle

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This is for the “I want to be more active, but don’t know how” community. We see you. You want to live a more active lifestyle and be more health conscious about the things you do, but implementing change can be hard. Going to the gym every single day isn’t something you enjoy and intense sports with hard physical work isn’t on your list of things to do on the regular. 

But living an active lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to make huge changes or try out of the box sports. In fact living an active lifestyle is simple and your changes should be sustainable so you don’t feel disappointed just because you decided white water rafting isn’t your thing. Here’s a list of small changes you can make so that you can have that extra kick in your step throughout the day.

Start a Morning Ritual

Morning routines are important. How you wake up in the morning often dictates your mood for the rest of the day. Do a little something in the morning to wake up your muscles so that they’re ready to carry you throughout the day. A little stretch, a gentle yoga flow, or even a quick walk to the cafe for coffee or a smoothie will get you feeling like you started your morning right.

Try a Deskercise

It may sound silly, but a “deskercise” could be just what you need if you’ve been sitting in a chair all day looking at a screen or being part of meetings. Take a moment to lift your hands up to the sky, stretch out your back and legs or just twist around in your chair. These mini workouts help get your blood moving and improve your productivity while reducing some of that stress.

Active Socialization

Socializing and Exercising can most definitely go hand in hand. Ever heard of hiking? If you’re not a big fan of the great outdoors that’s okay, there are tons of ways to be active with your friends. Walk together from your homes to the coffee shop. Rent one of the millions of public bikes that line the sidewalks of San Francisco. OR of course we have to plug that you can try out different workout classes. There’s so many different ways to workout from dance classes to indoor cycling. Having a buddy that wants to stay active with you will make you feel more motivated & make you hold yourself accountable.

Lunchtime Reset

Instead of keeping your lunch confined to the lunchroom or your desk, change the scenery. If your office has a rooftop area or a nearby park make the effort to walk there and enjoy  the change of pace. You could also take a brisk walk around the neighborhood or area giving you time to reset so you can tackle what’s left of your day.

Make Chores Interesting

Unconventional but fun, make your chores a tad more interesting by adding in a little movement. When you’re doing laundry try folding clothes while standing on one leg. Dish duty means you should shake that booty and blast your favorite artist. These little mini workouts burn calories, keep you moving, but also make tiresome tasks a little more fun!

To start living an active lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to make drastic changes to the way you live. It’s about finding small things to tweak that get your body moving. Sometimes you won’t want to do any of the things we listed above. That’s okay, be patient with yourself and be kind, no journey is ever linear or easy. Celebrate the little wins you did that day and embrace your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

We believe in you!

The Wheel House Team!