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An immaculate spacious studio, equipped with state of the art equipment designed to create the perfect ambiance and balance with the style of class and the environment.

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How do I register for a bike?

You can reserve a bike by logging onto your Wheel House account, selecting a class and a specific cycling spot. If you are part of a group of riders our friendly front desk staff can assist with moving your group together so that you can ride as a pack.

What should I expect if I am new to indoor cycling?

One of the best things about indoor cycling is that it can be adapted to any fitness level. With the ability to adjust the resistance level on the bike, one can gauge the level of the workout to suit each rider's abilities. With every class comes a new level of confidence and strength. If you are new to Wheel House indoor cycling, make sure you arrive 15 minutes early to enable us to do a bike setup orientation prior to your first class. We personally guide you through setting up your bike and recording your settings so you always have them. Wheel House indoor cycling is challenging. Most important thing is to be patient with your self. Don't expect to be able to do everything right away. Wheel House indoor cycling is great for all fitness levels; just take it at your own pace. Listen to your body and adjust the resistance on your bike accordingly. We don't want you to be intimidated. The only question is how hard you want to work on any given day.

What's so special about an indoor cycle?

There is nothing like the energy of classes at Wheel House. Our instructors are well trained and are very motivating and supportive. Music is key. Our instructors are known for the best music. So, energy, motivation and music come together to make classes at Wheel House safe, fun and effective. Regardless of how fit, flexible or coordinated you are, you'll get a great workout.

It looks hard, do I need to be in great shape?

No. Almost anyone can benefit from a Wheel House indoor cycling class. You can go at your own pace by controlling the resistance on your bike. Taking indoor cycling classes is a great way to get fit. If you are concerned about taking a class due to a physical condition, ask your doctor before taking a class for the first time.

How many calories are burned per Indoor cycling class?

This all depends on the weight of the individual and the amount of exertion used. Research indicates that on average, indoor cyclists burn from 400-550 calories in a 45 minutes workout (you can burn up to 800). The number of calories you'll burn depends on a number of factors, including your weight and the intensity at which you exercise.  The "distance" traveled depends on cadence; however as an estimate, an average 45-minute class at a cadence of 80-110 rpm is equivalent to approximately 20-30 miles on the road.

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