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An immaculate spacious studio, equipped with state of the art equipment designed to create the perfect ambiance and balance with the style of class and the environment.

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Can indoor cycling help me if I have an injury from another sport?

Your doctor is the best person to answer this question, but here is what we know:  

Indoor cycling provides little to no impact on your joints, especially if you ride in the saddle. As a result,  it can be an excellent alternative for those who are rehabbing but want to keep working out, and get a cardio workout, without putting excessive strain on their limbs and back.

Remember, even if the doctor says it’s ok, make sure to let the instructor know if you have any injuries so they can help you modify the workout to fit your needs and ALWAYS listen to your body. In cycling classes, staff and instructors can also help you make adjustments to your bike setting that can make the ride safer and more comfortable based on your needs.

Will my butt ever stop hurting?

Yes, it will!  (Eventually!)

For new riders the hardest part of indoor cycling is . . . the seat.  It will take a few classes to get beyond the discomfort. Padded shorts and padded seat covers can help with the adjustment, but also just postpone the inevitable if you ever stop using them.  (Sorry!) The quickest way to get over being saddle sore is to take classes. First, your butt will get used to it. Second, as your legs and core become stronger, they will help take the weight off the saddle when you ride, so your butt won’t have to do all the work alone!

How do I register for a bike?

It’s easy -- when you sign up for a cycling class, you pick the bike you would like and it’s yours!  If you are coming with others and want to sit together, drop us an email, or come in a couple of minutes early and we will do what we can to seat you together.

What are the height/weight requirements for your bikes?

We use A.C. Performance Plus with Carbon Blue bikes by Schwinn.  These bikes can accommodate riders 4' 10" (147.3 cm) to 6' 10" (208.3cm) with a maximum recommended weight capacity of 350 lbs (158.8 kg).

Will indoor cycling improve my running?

Runners often tell us how happy they are for having added indoor cycling to their training routine.  They report that indoor cycling balances out their leg muscles by putting emphasis on muscle groups not normally used in running.  Plus, they find that indoor cycling provides a nice, low impact alternative to running on days they want to work out, but want to give their joints a rest.


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