Wheel House 10 Year Anniversary!

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On May 28th, 2023, Wheel House will officially be open for 10 years! 

The founder of Wheel House, Carl Morley, had been working at big box gyms as an personal trainer and instructor to some group fitness classes and realized that the people of downtown San Francisco had plenty of workout options, but none that inspired fitness to be something fun and approachable. This sparked a vision to make working out something that to look forward to, rather than something you dreaded or avoided. 

He brought his idea of bringing a fun fitness community to his partner, Suhail Maqsood in 2011 and together they worked tirelessly for 2 years to bring Wheel House to reality in May of 2013. 

Over the past 10 years, Wheel House has continued to change, adapt, and expand.



  • Wheel House opened, providing indoor cycling, yoga, and strength training group fitness.



  • Yoga & Strength Training Classes got their own dedicated spaces & an upgrade!
    • Wheel House Yoga, a small studio space detached from the main studio was created to escape from the high energy indoor cycling classes. In it Carl wants all of the members to be present at the moment, which is why all yoga mats and equipment are provided.
    • Wheel House Strength Training got an upgrade with Flex Line Technology. A game changing way to do strength training, without all the bulky weights. With a simple touch of a button Wheel House members could now simply add or subtract weight to whatever exercises they were performing.



  • Live Stream Classes
    • As a way to pivot when Covid hit, Wheel House adapted and brought its members Wheel House classes straight to their homes. 


  • Opened Wheel House SOMA, our indoor cycling focused studio!


Now on the 10 Year Anniversary, Carl was asked to reflect on what he’s most proud of in his 10 years of business.


“There’s a lot to be proud of; navigating the pandemic, winning numerous awards, and the many success stories we have had. And of course being in business for 10 years despite the last few years of Covid.”


There are plenty of festivities happening at Wheel House all May long, from discounted class packs, special anniversary classes, and the annual Community Day where all workouts are free. No matter when you join if you’re new to fitness or not, we’re excited to have you be a part of the Wheel House community.

Here’s a few words from Carl to those of you just joining Wheel House.


“Welcome to the family, and be prepared for the fun, fitness possibilities we offer.”


Now it’s time for you to join the Celebration!


Class Package Discounts




Special Anniversary Classes

Yoga, The Journey Home

Duo Ride with Minphy & Chelsea


Community Day

*Reservations will open on Sunday, May 14th

All classes happening on Saturday, May 27th will be free to attend so long as you have a Wheel House Account!