Immersive experiences for people who want something more than the standard gym, providing benefits for both the mind and the body.

Power Vinyasa

60 Minutes | All Levels | Live Stream Availability

Our athletic approach on the traditional Vinyasa. Be prepared to sweat, engage, move dynamically and touch on all Yoga pose families, such as twists, backbends, forward folds, standing poses and inversions.

Wake Up! Flow

50 Minutes | All Levels | Live Stream Availability

Good morning! This class is designed to help jump-start your day. Begin gently with connection to breath and sun salutations. Move into a deeper sequence to bring your whole body to life for the day ahead.

Lunch Break Flow

50 Minutes | All Levels | Live Stream Availability

Our midday flow reminds you to take a break, and to take care of yourself. Let go of the marathon of meetings and calls — take time to connect with your breath, linking to a series of challenging and precise movements. Feel invigorated and energized for the rest of your day and evening.

Power Vinyasa: Peak Pose

60 Minutes | All Levels |

A variation on our Power Vinyasa classes that focus on achieving a challenging pose (lotus, pigeon, and dancer to name a few). Go through a flow that’s built to stretch and strengthen different muscle groups needed to achieve the pose.