Immersive experiences for people who want something more than the standard gym, providing benefits for both the mind and the body.

Power Vinyasa

60 Minutes | All Levels

Our athletic approach on the traditional Vinyasa. Be prepared to sweat, engage, move dynamically and touch on all Yoga pose families, such as twists, backbends, forward folds, standing poses and inversions.

Yoga Sculpt

50 Minutes | All Levels

This fusion class incorporates calisthenics and bands to add cardio and resistance components to our yoga flow. Leave class with all the benefits of yoga and the added bonus of a sculpt class. Boost metabolism and build lean muscle mass as you move to upbeat tracks.

Wake Up! Flow

50 Minutes | All Levels

Good morning! This class is designed to help jump-start your day. Begin gently with connection to breath and sun salutations. Move into a deeper sequence to bring your whole body to life for the day ahead.

Lunch Break Flow

50 Minutes | All Levels

Our midday flow reminds you to take a break, and to take care of yourself. Let go of the marathon of meetings and calls — take time to connect with your breath, linking to a series of challenging and precise movements. Feel invigorated and energized for the rest of your day and evening.

Precision Vinyasa

60 Minutes | All Levels

Precise approach to the vinyasa tradition, focusing attention on alignment, subtle details and breath. This efficient class that is challenging, dynamic, and physically and mentally energizing is sure to leave you feeling whole and refined.


60 Minutes | All Levels

Looking to further connect with your yoga poses? Yin yoga works with deeper connective tissues to maintain and improve energy flow and joint mobility. These postures are held for a longer period of time and will challenge you straight to the core. 60 minute mat workout. This class is open to all levels.


45 Minutes 

Time to relax. This practice is all about taking time to unwind and slow down. Begin with a short meditation and connection to breath.Through the remainder of class, you’ll hold 5-6 poses, all supported with props like blocks, blankets and bolsters to set you up for deep relaxation in both body and mind.

Barre Pilates Fusion

45 Minutes | All Levels

Ramp up your practice with the best of pilates and barre style sequencing on the mat. Ignite your core while lengthening and toning the muscles that need it most. Expect to feel the burn without the actual barre, all while enjoying a refreshing spin on two classic modalities.

Pilates Mat

45 Minutes | All Levels

A series of exercises used to increase strength, flexibility, optimal posture and helps reduce stress, prevent or heal from injury, and increase sports performance. Class includes movement to open your body up so you can access your deeper core and joint stabilizing muscles. Choreography is taken from Mat & Equipment pilates.

Deep Flow Vinyasa

75 Minutes | All Levels

Dive into a deeper awareness and mindfulness with this class. Class structure is designed to allow students to go deeper into poses, setting up an intelligent array of postures, ending with deep meditation and savasana.

Yoga By Appointment

60 Minutes | All Levels

Book an Hour Spot in our Yoga Studio To Practice Your Own Flow. Yoga Mats, Blocks, & Blackets etc. Available.